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The Groves Police Explorers Post #529

I am sorry to say that the Groves Explorers Post#529 will be out of service until maybe sometime this summer. Trying to find additional resources (more advisors, funding, support and time) has been a problem. Keep checking back to see when we will start it back up. Hopefully it will be soon!!

Welcome to the Groves Police Department Explorer Homepage. I hope you find this page informative and interesting. Please feel free to let us know what you think. This page is still under some construction.

In this page, you will learn about the Qualifications, Activities, and members of the Groves Police Explorers.

Please email us and tell us what you think of our site. We would enjoy corresponding with other posts and exchanging ideas.



This page is managed by:
Explorer Lt. Tim McCurley
Groves Police Explorers
LAST UPDATED: 12/13/00

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